Palestinian rights activists

Claims US favors Israel

By Max Sullivan


Monday night a Palestinian rights activist involved with the conflict between Palestine and Israel, claimed that American politics and media have hid the story of the Palestinians under Israeli occupancy from the American public, leaving them biased toward Israel. In a speech given at the MUB on Monday night Qumsiyeh said,

“Every morning when you wake up, on the radio, on the television, in the newspapers- you hear the ‘other’ (Israeli) side of the story.”

Despite his passive view on the conflict, Qumsiyeh also insisted that he personally believes that the land of Canaan, as he refers to it, should by no means be claimed entirely by who he feels are “European Jews”, challenging to see if “any Jewish man can bring me a deed to show me this is their land.”

Qumsiyeh said that the American bias to the Israeli side has a lot to do with the United States government’s hypocrisy in it’s support of Israel, including President Barrack Obama’s vetoing of a resolution which condemned Israel’s transferring of the Palestinian people to specified territories, something which is clearly condemned in Article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Convention. Obama originally opposed the activity but has changed his position.

“Palestinians will never deny themselves human rights,” said Qumsiyeh.

“Obama is vetoing his own language,” said Qumsiyeh.

Qumsiyeh also claimed that, while Obama was giving a speech that night about the situation with Muammar Gaddafi in Libya, he should be talking about the situation in Bahrain, which he feels is much more serious. “What about Bahrain? Bahrain is much worse than Libya.” Qumsiyeh used this point to demonstrate how, he believes, the US is not focused on the right foreign aid objectives.

He discussed topics in his book Popular Resistance in Palestine. Quimseyah, insisted that the point of resistance which he encourages- non violent resistance- is not to take the land of Israel for the Palestinians. Instead, he encourages Palestinians under occupation to take a non-violent stance to maintain their human rights.

In his talk to a room of approximately 20 attendees, Qumsiyeh received much support, particularly in the Q&A segment. Qumsiyeh was presented opposing viewpoints and was even accused of being overly biased. When Qumsiyeh responded to these questions, the room responded with brief but strong bursts of applause.



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